Power Supply Module Specification

Product Features:
  • Compact, light weight and SMPS design
  • Versatile and easy snap-on mounting on Din-rail
  • Very low ripple and noise
  • Regulated and adjusted output
  • Protection against over voltage, short circuit and over load.
  • Apply appropriate personal protective equipment(PPE) and follow safety work practices
  • Only qualified electrical workers should install this equipment. Such work should be performed only after reading this entire set of instructions.
  • If the equipment is not used in the manner specified by the manufacturer, the protection provided by the equipment may be impaired
  • NEVER work alone
  • Turn OFF all power supplying the device and the equipment in which it is installed before working on it.
  • The successful operation of this equipment depends upon proper handling, installation and operation. Neglecting fundamental installation requirements may lead to personal injury as well as damage to electrical equipment or other property.
  • NEVER bypass external fusing.
  • Before performing Dielectric or Megger testing on any equipment in which the device is installed, disconnect all the input and output wires to the device. High voltage testing may damage electronic components contained in the device.
  • The device should be installed in a suitable electrical enclosure
  • Failure to follow these instructions will result in death or serious injury.
  • EAPL is not responsible for any consequential damages arising out of use of our products, though the technology is cautiously chosen and implemented like any other well designed good electric device.
  • Tools and Fasteners Kindly use star – type screw driver for tightening the screws.
  • NOTE: Installation should include a disconnecting device, like switch or circuit breaker, with clear ON/OFF markings, to turn-off the auxiliary supply (control power).The disconnecting device should be within the reach of the equipment and the operator.