G / E-Series

Motor Protection Relay

Product Features: 
  • Din sized enclosure : 96 x 96 x 85mm
  • LED indication for relay status
  • Seperate 7 segment window with high brightness red LED display for values and its corresponding parameters .
  • Auto / Manual Operation
  • Resetting facility at front panel is available in manual mode
  • Type of fault displayed through 7 segment display during unhealthy condition .
  • Trip delay time can be set indivisually for each parameter .
  • Parameters can be bypassed as per users choice
  • Relay can be configured to have NO or NC status during healthy condition .
  • Monitors and trips the load on occurance of any below mentioned fault condition aftera preset time delay .1.Phase failure 2. Phase sequence 3.Phase unbalance 4.Under and Over Voltage 5. Under and Over Current 6.Under and Over frequency 7.earth leakage c
  • User settable In-rush.
  • Display all the 3 phase voltages(Line to Line and Line to Neutral)3 phase currrents,frequency in a scrolling fashion during healthy condition .
  • User settable earth leakage limits.
  • CT primary can be programmed up to 2500 in steps of 5. CT secondary will be factory set for 5.
  • Display the type of fault in manual mode till manual key is pressed.
Overall: MPR-E1 – 96 x 96 x 97.5mm
Cutout: MPR-E1 – 92 x 92mm (W x H)
Any 3 phase 4wire systems like Motors, pumps, generators, Distribution panels, MCC, air conditioners, elevators, cranes, escalators, etc
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