Maximum Demand Meters

Product Features: 
  • Measurement of basic, power, energy and demand parameters.
  • On-site programmable PT and CT ratios.
  • High brightness LED display (alpha numeric for parameter, numeric for value).
  • Automatic CT reverse correction for energy and demand.
  • Programmable demand techniques : block / sliding window.
  • Programmable demand parameters : Apparent / Active power.
  • Programmable demand range : Kilo / Mega.
  • Programmable Alarm / hysterisis settings.
  • Program RTC time to match EB meter's clock.
  • For EMS-15C : Max. Demand Controller = Max. demand indicator + Relay module (4 relay) (RR-4).
  • 4 control outputs for alarm and trip settings.
Overall:EMS 15,EMS 15C 96 x 96 x 117mm (W x H x D) ,RR-4: 195x90x59mm(WxHxD) Cutout: 92 x 92mm(W x H)
In-comer distribution panels
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